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Effusive laughter

Plodding up the covered walkway, a catching laughter greeted my ears. Turning to my left, I saw a little girl
donned in an orange pre-school
top cavorting insouciantly with a Filipino woman chasing her from behind. Her effusive giggles inundated the whole block, so much so that I felt tickled pink inside. Though smothered, a grin broke my impassiveness. I giggled a little but it was soft and unheard.
© Derrick Lim

anecdote, food, Inspiration, Life, prose

A Chagrined Stallholder

Tell you a little anecdote that happened at the coffee shop where I had my lunch. As I was waiting for my kopi c kosong (coffee with evaporated milk and without sugar added) to be ready, an old man came by, stood beside me while reaching out for the clear plastic jug to refill his plastic cup. “Hey Uncle, no refill, please!” snorted the lady preparing my coffee (in Hokkien). “$0.30, if you insist,” she added. “What? I can’t afford that!”retorted the old man.

Guess what happened next? He dipped his hand into his pocket and fumbled for some coins. Before he could hand them over to her, the lady motioned to him to forget about it. Turning around with his clear plastic cup of water, he walked off uttering some expletives, looking apparently unappeased. One could tell from his face that his bitter exchange of words with the lady stallholder had sent him off feeling denigrated. Seeing that, it put me to wonder if their crossing swords with each other was even necessary in the first place. What do you say?
© Derrick Lim

anecdote, food, Inspiration, Life, prose, Storytelling

A Ruined Lunch

While savouring contentedly the platter of food before me, I couldn’t help but notice a burly-looking Chinese man chomping his food laid over two platters. There was a mouth-watering piece of mackerel drizzled with curry on one platter and the other was filled with mounded rice, braised pig’s trotters and a salted duck egg; not forgetting the little dish containing black soya sauce. Seeing how he was enjoying his food put me to wonder if he had a clean bill of health. Just when I spooned another mouthful of rice, a stumpy pigeon drew my gaze away from him to itself as it waddled towards my feet. Instinctively, I drubbed my left foot in a bid to shoo it off. Guess what? It jumped off in flight towards the burly man, and he in turn shooed it off back to me. As all that happened too quickly, the pigeon flapped its wings in flight over my platter. “Gosh! It’s ruined,” I cried horrendously within. Try as I might, I had failed to ‘fortify’ my platter with my hands in time. And so the dust descender must’ve scattered over it from the pigeon’s feathers in its startling flight. What a ruined lunch! Thank God, I managed to finish two-thirds of it.
© Derrick Lim

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Banana’s Beauty

Barely two days
Bright and yellow
Befitting robe for me
Being clocked for withering
Be it! If fated so
Believe it or not, time’s my nemesis
Beneath my skin is the pale white me
Be it my will to outlast my lineament
But the tocktact never takes a
Bah! Freckles all over
Burning furious am I
But the Grim Reaper laughs
Bewildered and
buckled in the knees me
Behold! Pluck!
Bless your soul…!
Behind me, sniggers the Reaper

© Derrick Lim

anecdote, fear, Inspiration, Life, prose, Storytelling, writing

A Gecko Fright!

Tell you a startling tale. Remember the tall grey mug, sitting on the dining table, filled with a tad bit of aloe vera juice with its jellies aplenty which you’d asked me to finish up. I drank a little intermittently but never finished it all. And when I returned to finish it off…”Blah! Lizard!” blasted in my head. Before I could take that in, the long, slender and sizable reptile darted out of the mug when lifted off the table. My eyes turned swiftly to the direction it trailed off. It startled me only a split second — it happened so rapidly — leaving no time for one to react! I bet the grey reptile was more startled than me. It actually shot out of the mug and took a nosedive descent onto the table. Before my eyes could pin down its track of escape, it took a death-defying plunge off the table and scooted off before I could recover from the startling fright. What a Lizard!
© Derrick Lim

anecdote, fear, food, Inspiration, Life, prose, Storytelling, writing

A Flaky Scare

Feeling the overwhelming hunger pangs while marking, I hotfooted to the kitchen for a quick bite. Opening up the tupperware containers one after another, seeking for a desirable bite of delight, I finally found two Chinese pastries with gelatinous winter melon fillings. Like popping in a pill, I opened my mouth to the widest possible to squeeze the flaky piece in to every stretchable space within. A facile feat for me! When I finally did, some flaky bits fell to the sink top; of which I didn’t expect to, for I had done the gorging as immaculately as I could, I thought. Thinking that it was the moment to savour my delight, I directed a downcast glance to see if there were anymore flaky bits fallen, escaping my sight. Lo and behold! A white ant crawling across the flakes emerged brazenly from nowhere. Yuck! A resonating disgust echoed aloud in my head. Retching it up was the thought popped up! Within seconds, the delectable pastries ended their fate not in my gut but the bin. What a palpitatng scare!
© Derrick Lim

anecdote, Inspiration, Life, prose, spirituality, writing

Be Thankful 

Walking through the void deck, I noticed a ramshackle ‘tent’ erected at a pillared wall. In it was that familiar rough sleeper on a closer look. He was sleeping on a brown folded cardboard with a bicycle and another cardboard leaning against flanked before him; a trolley closed the entrance to his feet; and yet another cardboard standing guard his head. What a cleverly fortified ‘tent’ to keep one warm. Distancing away from him, I thought for a moment how blessed I must’ve been as compared to him. I was really thankful to God for a cosy bed that I could snuggle under its blanket to keep warm. Be thankful was the takeaway for me that morning. 

© Derrick Lim