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Sternutation Blight 

While savouring a platter of an omelette piece overlaying the  rice mound and a piece of grilled salmon along its side, I noticed a bespectacled Chinese woman busy nudging her four boyish tweeners to eat hurriedly. Transversely to the left of the bench table, I couldn’t help but notice an old man tucking into his food delightfully; presumably from his disposition, he seemed to be their grandfather. Back to my food, I took a mouthful piece of delectable grilled salmon.  


I looked up and saw a lady in cleaner’s garb sneeze right over the table with the four tweeners. 

“What!” I gasped in horror. 

The bespectacled woman looked agape in shock. Before she could even react, the cleaner simply walked off as if nothing had happened. Jolted back into reality, the beleaguered mother was peeved and frenetically frustrated! She was griping incessantly about the cleaner’s disgusted sternutation. Axiomatically, the food was in total ruin. Just when that was going on, the old man was nonchalantly revelling his food. A stark contrast in the turn of events where I saw no help rendered to the woman in distress. There I harrumphed at the sight of it. On second thoughts, I took my hat off to the motherly instinct exhibited by her when she promised her children to get other food in place of the ruined one. It was a sight that paid tribute to all women in general yesterday — the International Women’s day, I mused. 

© Derrick Lim