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Jesus’ at the Door 

our difficult circumstances 

weigh us down 

but His Spirit lifts us up

our work wears us out

but His rest restores our strength 

a gale throws a curved ball at us

our course yaws despite ourselves 

our soul travails at its mercy 

yet when we clasp our hands in prayer unto Him

His swift response we see

like a father to his prodigal’s return 

there our bearings redefined 

in His arms, His love poured out 

salving our wounds within

then raring to go are we

in gratitude we set out 

in sprightliness again are we

© Derrick Lim 

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Sternutation Blight 

While savouring a platter of an omelette piece overlaying the  rice mound and a piece of grilled salmon along its side, I noticed a bespectacled Chinese woman busy nudging her four boyish tweeners to eat hurriedly. Transversely to the left of the bench table, I couldn’t help but notice an old man tucking into his food delightfully; presumably from his disposition, he seemed to be their grandfather. Back to my food, I took a mouthful piece of delectable grilled salmon.  


I looked up and saw a lady in cleaner’s garb sneeze right over the table with the four tweeners. 

“What!” I gasped in horror. 

The bespectacled woman looked agape in shock. Before she could even react, the cleaner simply walked off as if nothing had happened. Jolted back into reality, the beleaguered mother was peeved and frenetically frustrated! She was griping incessantly about the cleaner’s disgusted sternutation. Axiomatically, the food was in total ruin. Just when that was going on, the old man was nonchalantly revelling his food. A stark contrast in the turn of events where I saw no help rendered to the woman in distress. There I harrumphed at the sight of it. On second thoughts, I took my hat off to the motherly instinct exhibited by her when she promised her children to get other food in place of the ruined one. It was a sight that paid tribute to all women in general yesterday — the International Women’s day, I mused. 

© Derrick Lim 

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​Serenity in Music 

​music playing

tranquillity dissipating 

ensconced in reclining 

rest between 

delightful sipping 

of hot green tea

immersed in soothing 

breath of repose

serenity comes flooding 

into me stirring 

my deep pining

for you and yet

the Lord’s silent accompanying

drives my lonesome 


away without 


© Derrick Lim

Life, love, spirituality

A Close Shave

On 13 Jul 2016, at 0709h, the unexpected had happened! Moving off in my red saloon, I was cruising my little princess to school like any other day. As usual, we were confabulating in the car ride. When approaching the traffic junction of a dual carriageway along her school, I tapped the hazard light, getting ready to drop my girl off. Then, I had a sudden jolt of alertness, unlike my usual self, which drew me to glance at the rear mirror. To my disbelief, I noticed a motorcyclist attempting to wriggle its way through the port of my car when my girl was about to get out. At the drop of a hat, I hollered at her to pull back the door, and she did. Following that in a jiffy, he biked past. What a close shave! Seconds in time were like eternity for me to take that all in. Thank God! reverberated in my head instinctively. I couldn’t imagine what might’ve happened to my little sweetie if I hadn’t responded to that situation reflexively fast. Indeed, the Lord reigned in this close shave!

© Derrick Lim