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Banana’s Beauty

Barely two days
Bright and yellow
Befitting robe for me
Being clocked for withering
Be it! If fated so
Believe it or not, time’s my nemesis
Beneath my skin is the pale white me
Be it my will to outlast my lineament
But the tocktact never takes a
Bah! Freckles all over
Burning furious am I
But the Grim Reaper laughs
Bewildered and
buckled in the knees me
Behold! Pluck!
Bless your soul…!
Behind me, sniggers the Reaper

© Derrick Lim

Inspiration, Life, nature, prose, writing

​The Garden Speaks! 

Stepping out of the lift, I see a stark contrast between the two lobby gardens: one is well-tended, thriving and flourishing in beauty and verve while the other is untended, filled with congeries of plants in disarray, and with quasi-gardening implements untouched and toppled pots left desolate. Taking all that in, a sudden thought conjured up in me: Doesn’t that reflect the kind of person one is? You’re either diligent or indolent; a connoisseur or smatterer–your choice to make!

© Derrick Lim 

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Ants Invasion!

Tell you something revolting this afternoon at lunch. Just when I forked up a honey-glazed chicken wing into my mouth, a colony of ants was seen crawling over the metal casserole! I cringed at its sight but with the wing still held between my teeth, as if the latter were still safe and untainted by its invasion. At the drop of a hat, I whisked the casserole off to the sink top, transferred its contents into an orange plastic plate and bam! the ants fled helter-skelter. In no time, they vanished like they had never appeared. Did I discard the wings? You tell me… 

© Derrick Lim 

Inspiration, Life, nature, poetry, spirituality, writing

Breathtaking Beauty 


Nature greets thee

in its spectacularity of view

awakes one’s soul

liken to the sound of fugue 

uplifting one’s spirit

from its oscitance 

and leaden feel

everywhere’s teeming with life

birds warbling

wind swaying tree branches

engilding rays illuminating  pathways

clouds in slivers 

dappling the firmament 

munchkins in garb donned  

to school their way toddled

old folks in wide leg stance 

flowing taichi movements 

in harmony displayed 

pigeons waddling 

for breakfast fill 

their feet propelled 

fresh scent of verdure inhaled 

while the beauty of nature reminisced 
Passersby moseying by

with heads hung low 

over their mobiles

missing out nature’s sight

oblivion as such

to them

matters not a jot or tittle 
On His throne the Creator sits

fingering his creative strokes

over the sky his canvas piece

a masterful painting displayed 

in splendourous beauty 

of exquisite colours and details 

whilst smiling to Himself 

the pleasure derived 
Picturesquely perfect! we say

To earth His beauty marvelled 

though fugacious

yet momentous 

So magnificent to behold

than the beauty 

in an oblong screen

thrilling us but a while 

for it pales before nature
Let’s pause and look up

and not miss 


Nature’s beauty to behold! 

© Derrick Lim 

Inspiration, Life, nature, prose, spirituality, writing

Recrudescent Epiphany

Stepping out of the car, the tweedling of birds greeted my ears; the crisp air intermingled with a light scent of leaves filled my lungs deep in one full inspiration; what rhapsody to feel one with nature. How majestic is God’s glory reflected in nature; that one can’t help but thank Him for such pleasure that’s ours. Such congenial surroundings impel me to embrace life once again with joie de vivre! Forgetting yesterday’s woes and recrudescing what today’s living has to offer is what I will do!

© Derrick Lim 

Inspiration, Life, nature, prose, writing

Pigeon Scavengers

While treading along the pathway towards our block, a swarm of pigeons pecking off some food scraps along the verge of  tessellated tiles made a sudden takeoff; and I had to duck to give way to their aggressive flight to another spot of food scattered. This pendulous motion of flight would go on until no food is scattered, or they have had their fill for the morning. This instinctive duck or dodge is what I do every morning to evade their flight for food which appears like a fusillade attack from an ambush.

© Derrick Lim