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Banana’s Beauty

Barely two days
Bright and yellow
Befitting robe for me
Being clocked for withering
Be it! If fated so
Believe it or not, time’s my nemesis
Beneath my skin is the pale white me
Be it my will to outlast my lineament
But the tocktact never takes a
Bah! Freckles all over
Burning furious am I
But the Grim Reaper laughs
Bewildered and
buckled in the knees me
Behold! Pluck!
Bless your soul…!
Behind me, sniggers the Reaper

© Derrick Lim

Inspiration, Life, poetry, spirituality, writing

A Weary Soul Rhetoric

weary work, like stocks 

shackling my wandering feet

mind and soul likewise

decrying its slavish sting

yet nobody gives a hoot 

into a cocoon I turn

in a dungeon my soul bound

where darkness and rank reign 

in the cold incarceration

when would I be emancipated — a faint cry from within echos? 

where’s the key for my stocks?

when’s the turnkey coming — for the release I yearn so desperately?

yet not a flicker of light seen

at the end of the tunnel thus far

waiting, waiting and waiting… 

the lot I have to contend with

© Derrick Lim

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Jesus’ at the Door 

our difficult circumstances 

weigh us down 

but His Spirit lifts us up

our work wears us out

but His rest restores our strength 

a gale throws a curved ball at us

our course yaws despite ourselves 

our soul travails at its mercy 

yet when we clasp our hands in prayer unto Him

His swift response we see

like a father to his prodigal’s return 

there our bearings redefined 

in His arms, His love poured out 

salving our wounds within

then raring to go are we

in gratitude we set out 

in sprightliness again are we

© Derrick Lim 

Inspiration, Life, nature, poetry, spirituality, writing

Breathtaking Beauty 


Nature greets thee

in its spectacularity of view

awakes one’s soul

liken to the sound of fugue 

uplifting one’s spirit

from its oscitance 

and leaden feel

everywhere’s teeming with life

birds warbling

wind swaying tree branches

engilding rays illuminating  pathways

clouds in slivers 

dappling the firmament 

munchkins in garb donned  

to school their way toddled

old folks in wide leg stance 

flowing taichi movements 

in harmony displayed 

pigeons waddling 

for breakfast fill 

their feet propelled 

fresh scent of verdure inhaled 

while the beauty of nature reminisced 
Passersby moseying by

with heads hung low 

over their mobiles

missing out nature’s sight

oblivion as such

to them

matters not a jot or tittle 
On His throne the Creator sits

fingering his creative strokes

over the sky his canvas piece

a masterful painting displayed 

in splendourous beauty 

of exquisite colours and details 

whilst smiling to Himself 

the pleasure derived 
Picturesquely perfect! we say

To earth His beauty marvelled 

though fugacious

yet momentous 

So magnificent to behold

than the beauty 

in an oblong screen

thrilling us but a while 

for it pales before nature
Let’s pause and look up

and not miss 


Nature’s beauty to behold! 

© Derrick Lim 

Inspiration, Life, poetry, spirituality, writing

Beaming Delight

Looking out 

with my body jutting out 

against the window ledge 

at abdominal point 

Children cavorting 

at the playground in

squealing delight

Looking on

a refreshing cool breeze

gently caressing my face 

in the direction of birds 

flying past 

against the backdrop 

of splendor rays in projectiles 

a quick flash of childhood 


tugging my heart

of the blissful days of mirth 

and insouciance 

Smiles crinkling 

my face

as thoughts of those days long forgotten 

reclaiming its memory in my mind

How time flies 

Such pleasure of a child’s naivety joy

Embracing a world without bounds 

and fears

Yet age subtly crawls in

infiltrating my body

drawing out its youth and vigour 

leaving only sighs of lamenting 

of time ticking mercilessly on

without turning back its head 

to frown on the ruin it brings 

to this body of mine

Yet my Creator gently whispers 

your days here numbered

on My call He says

In smiles I look on again

with pleasure 

Taking in 

what the moment brings

© Derrick Lim