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Recrudescent Epiphany

Stepping out of the car, the tweedling of birds greeted my ears; the crisp air intermingled with a light scent of leaves filled my lungs deep in one full inspiration; what rhapsody to feel one with nature. How majestic is God’s glory reflected in nature; that one can’t help but thank Him for such pleasure that’s ours. Such congenial surroundings impel me to embrace life once again with joie de vivre! Forgetting yesterday’s woes and recrudescing what today’s living has to offer is what I will do!

© Derrick Lim 

Inspiration, Life, nature, prose, writing

Pigeon Scavengers

While treading along the pathway towards our block, a swarm of pigeons pecking off some food scraps along the verge of  tessellated tiles made a sudden takeoff; and I had to duck to give way to their aggressive flight to another spot of food scattered. This pendulous motion of flight would go on until no food is scattered, or they have had their fill for the morning. This instinctive duck or dodge is what I do every morning to evade their flight for food which appears like a fusillade attack from an ambush.

© Derrick Lim 

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Momentary Fear

While sitting on my throne, the light from the side skylight window was ousted in seconds; pall of darkness closed in on me, and a squall broke in together with an incessant blaring of ambulance sirens in the background; a sudden chill ran down my spine, giving me the shivers — and I was totally helpless against it!

© Derrick Lim

Inspiration, Life, poetry, spirituality, writing

Beaming Delight

Looking out 

with my body jutting out 

against the window ledge 

at abdominal point 

Children cavorting 

at the playground in

squealing delight

Looking on

a refreshing cool breeze

gently caressing my face 

in the direction of birds 

flying past 

against the backdrop 

of splendor rays in projectiles 

a quick flash of childhood 


tugging my heart

of the blissful days of mirth 

and insouciance 

Smiles crinkling 

my face

as thoughts of those days long forgotten 

reclaiming its memory in my mind

How time flies 

Such pleasure of a child’s naivety joy

Embracing a world without bounds 

and fears

Yet age subtly crawls in

infiltrating my body

drawing out its youth and vigour 

leaving only sighs of lamenting 

of time ticking mercilessly on

without turning back its head 

to frown on the ruin it brings 

to this body of mine

Yet my Creator gently whispers 

your days here numbered

on My call He says

In smiles I look on again

with pleasure 

Taking in 

what the moment brings

© Derrick Lim

Inspiration, Life, spirituality, writing

A Voice Lost

​Scrambling to utter a word

Out came a feeble raspy coo

Feeling a lump in my throat

Out came a hacking cough

Tears brimming in my eyes

For volubility’s been lost

Swallowing’s immensely painful 

Yet not as much as being speechless 

Seeing and yet not saying 

The strife within not liberated 

Yet the voice within’s stentorian

Only found none but one audience 

Myself the alter ego 

Gesturing and signing 

Once unfamiliar but now necessary 

To communicate in silence

Became a norm for a stint

How precious is one’s voice

Never stake it for anything 

But cherish it like one’s pure gold 

© Derrick Lim 

Life, love, spirituality

​Serenity in Music 

​music playing

tranquillity dissipating 

ensconced in reclining 

rest between 

delightful sipping 

of hot green tea

immersed in soothing 

breath of repose

serenity comes flooding 

into me stirring 

my deep pining

for you and yet

the Lord’s silent accompanying

drives my lonesome 


away without 


© Derrick Lim

Life, love, spirituality

A Close Shave

On 13 Jul 2016, at 0709h, the unexpected had happened! Moving off in my red saloon, I was cruising my little princess to school like any other day. As usual, we were confabulating in the car ride. When approaching the traffic junction of a dual carriageway along her school, I tapped the hazard light, getting ready to drop my girl off. Then, I had a sudden jolt of alertness, unlike my usual self, which drew me to glance at the rear mirror. To my disbelief, I noticed a motorcyclist attempting to wriggle its way through the port of my car when my girl was about to get out. At the drop of a hat, I hollered at her to pull back the door, and she did. Following that in a jiffy, he biked past. What a close shave! Seconds in time were like eternity for me to take that all in. Thank God! reverberated in my head instinctively. I couldn’t imagine what might’ve happened to my little sweetie if I hadn’t responded to that situation reflexively fast. Indeed, the Lord reigned in this close shave!

© Derrick Lim