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Be Thankful 

Walking through the void deck, I noticed a ramshackle ‘tent’ erected at a pillared wall. In it was that familiar rough sleeper on a closer look. He was sleeping on a brown folded cardboard with a bicycle and another cardboard leaning against flanked before him; a trolley closed the entrance to his feet; and yet another cardboard standing guard his head. What a cleverly fortified ‘tent’ to keep one warm. Distancing away from him, I thought for a moment how blessed I must’ve been as compared to him. I was really thankful to God for a cosy bed that I could snuggle under its blanket to keep warm. Be thankful was the takeaway for me that morning. 

© Derrick Lim 

anecdote, Inspiration, Life, prose, writing

A Difficult Feat

The blaring ringing of the alarm clock didn’t seem to rouse me up from my sleep but on the contrary, it sent me back to slumberland. Yet inside me was a niggling voice nudging me to “Get up!”. In an acquiescent response, I drew my legs to an angular position while supinating my feet to their sides for grips, in a bid to thrust my body upright. Try as I might, I could never do it. It was like my body completely unhinged from its head. The pain in my neck was also bogging me down. And after a few futile attempts, I relented to its outcome as I was too feeble to bounce back from it. But when I finally gained strength to rise and walk to the living room, the sofa invited me to a respite from the hard work. As surely as I slumped into it, the soft cushion of the headrest immediately alleviated the rankling  pain in my nape. “Ahhh…” I sighed. Soon the drowsiness engulfed me as swiftly as the dulcet flute music playing from outside the window  tweedled me into yet another slumber. This time round, I didn’t even try to put up a fight against the soporific spell. My body seemed to be subdued by it without a tinge of guilt evoked. When I awoke, and I finally did, I felt for once the rest received was so much more than the one in bed. What a difficult feat! I quipped. 

© Derrick Lim 

anecdote, Inspiration, Life, prose, writing

No Standing, Please!

Tell you a little farcical act on a free shuttle bus. After I got on the bus, I made a semicircular glance for a vacant seat, and found only one at the back. Before I could sidle up there through a cramped aisle, my mobile rang suddenly. Picking it up, I heard my sister’s voice and chatted with her. So engrossed was I that I didn’t realise the bus was still stationary.  “Hello!” boomed a voice from the cab. It broke my conversation with her, I turned and saw the driver saying something about “No standing, please”! I smiled at the driver sheepishly and murmured a word of sorry. I guess I was caught on the hop, and that’d drawn many unwanted stares which also sent me scrambling up to a seat close to the driver offered by a “relenting” passenger. So embarrassed and comical I was! Ever felt so this way? Share with me your embarrassing moment. 
© Derrick Lim 

anecdote, Inspiration, Life, prose, writing

Grief Knocks at our Doors…

To avoid pigeons flying over my head, I took the long route via arcing the path leading to the school. At the intersection point where the pavilion square overlooking the car park, a cropped hair Chinese girl was ululating with her arm round her mother’s while festinating towards the gate of the school. ‘Shadowing’ behind her, I saw her wiping off her tears while sobbing incessantly. Wondering what her grief was, I could see her mum’s silent protest in her hastening gait. While I was trying to take all that in, the girl suddenly freed her arm and charged ahead of her mum, who then followed suit. The story behind her grief was a mystery left undisclosed with their departure from sight. What an episode! This epiphany drew up a reflective thought in me — Life is not always plain sailing; grief does knock at our doors sometimes. 

© Derrick Lim 

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A Weary Soul Rhetoric

weary work, like stocks 

shackling my wandering feet

mind and soul likewise

decrying its slavish sting

yet nobody gives a hoot 

into a cocoon I turn

in a dungeon my soul bound

where darkness and rank reign 

in the cold incarceration

when would I be emancipated — a faint cry from within echos? 

where’s the key for my stocks?

when’s the turnkey coming — for the release I yearn so desperately?

yet not a flicker of light seen

at the end of the tunnel thus far

waiting, waiting and waiting… 

the lot I have to contend with

© Derrick Lim

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​The Garden Speaks! 

Stepping out of the lift, I see a stark contrast between the two lobby gardens: one is well-tended, thriving and flourishing in beauty and verve while the other is untended, filled with congeries of plants in disarray, and with quasi-gardening implements untouched and toppled pots left desolate. Taking all that in, a sudden thought conjured up in me: Doesn’t that reflect the kind of person one is? You’re either diligent or indolent; a connoisseur or smatterer–your choice to make!

© Derrick Lim 

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Jesus’ at the Door 

our difficult circumstances 

weigh us down 

but His Spirit lifts us up

our work wears us out

but His rest restores our strength 

a gale throws a curved ball at us

our course yaws despite ourselves 

our soul travails at its mercy 

yet when we clasp our hands in prayer unto Him

His swift response we see

like a father to his prodigal’s return 

there our bearings redefined 

in His arms, His love poured out 

salving our wounds within

then raring to go are we

in gratitude we set out 

in sprightliness again are we

© Derrick Lim