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Grief Knocks at our Doors…

To avoid pigeons flying over my head, I took the long route via arcing the path leading to the school. At the intersection point where the pavilion square overlooking the car park, a cropped hair Chinese girl was ululating with her arm round her mother’s while festinating towards the gate of the school. ‘Shadowing’ behind her, I saw her wiping off her tears while sobbing incessantly. Wondering what her grief was, I could see her mum’s silent protest in her hastening gait. While I was trying to take all that in, the girl suddenly freed her arm and charged ahead of her mum, who then followed suit. The story behind her grief was a mystery left undisclosed with their departure from sight. What an episode! This epiphany drew up a reflective thought in me — Life is not always plain sailing; grief does knock at our doors sometimes. 

© Derrick Lim 


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