My Beloved

poignant longing
for the kisses
of my beloved 
for her embrace
in no visible trace

Her breath so sweet
like mints running
through one’s tongue
in soft delicate
twists and turns
embracing mine
in rhythmic flow
of fluid salivating
in honeysuckle sweet
where lips locked
tongues weaved in
and out
between passionate
gasps of breath

When eyes open
my beloved
whose breath I long for
is but gone
back to the still air
I linger in forlorn
her presence
her embrace
her breath
her kisses
no longer found
yet she seems alive
like memory brought to life

Sitting on the edge
of the bed once shared
reliving my memory
of my beloved
as if yesterday’s passion
never seemed to fleet
where my heart still pitapats
as my eyes close
in reminiscences
once again

© Derrick Lim


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