A Mind-freaking Sight

You know what? I witnessed the most mind-freaking sight while peregrinating towards the traffic junction at TM. Traversing ahead of me were two ladies and four children in tow along the footpath. The lady carrying a tyke clung to her side was apparently the maid, while the other the mother. Just when I turned my attention away from them, a P5 girl (grade 6 student) based on my visual discretion, who was ahead of the flock, screamed out in hysteria!  A man suddenly emerged from behind her, holding a little white rodent-like creature at its tail, passed her by nonchalantly. That must have freaked everyone out in their tracks, especially the younger ones. Before I could take everything in, a little toddler boy stood rooted in the middle of a car park’s entry, wailing in shivers. That was when the stolid mother grabbed him off from the road to the footpath. In that hullabaloo, the father appeared aloof as he was more concerned about the spoil of his conquest than keeping his children from the scare. He was only seen walking over to his child to ameliorate the situation after he was taken off the road by his mother.
© Derrick Lim


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