Funambulist’s Muse

A funambulist I am
Across a tightrope I walk
Between two skyscrapers spanned
What a marvel to watch
Yet placidity must prevail
in a matter of seconds
Foresight firmly assumed
Hindsight easily forsaken
Keeping time and pace
in tantem
No room for reverie expected
No room for fear perpetuated
Instinctive, resolute moves undertaken
No room for hesitancy determined
No room for backing out
Persistence and perseverance
the only cards in hand
A little blunder or glitch
Spells a brutal fatal fall
A deep breath taken
A steady step made
Bound for a no return sealed
A death-defying journey commenced
A mind so firmly set
To the end shall I go
Or to the end of me told
Is life not similarly so
Of a funambulist’s feat
Once a wrong move made
The end of you revealed
Carefully chewing one’s cud
Is wisest before the plunge
Decisions made in haste
The regret’s yours to face
© Derrick Lim


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