An Unwanted Episode

You know what? I had an episode at the coffee shop I frequented. When asked by a middle-aged coffee server if I wanted a drink, I specified my usual order: kopi siew siew dai (coffee with condensed milk but extremely less sugar). To confirm my order, she repeated it and I nodded with approval. Here is the problem: she served me a kopi c (coffee with evaporated milk and sugar) instead when she returned. When I pointed out that it was a wrong order, she attempted to wheedle me into accepting it. Yet when I rebuffed it, she claimed that I gave a nod when she repeated kopi c; which apparently was a downright false accusation! She’d put words into my mouth. Seeing me peeved, she tried to salvage it by asking me again to relent on the pretext that no one would accept the coffee in a negotiating tone; of which I stood my ground. Seeing that I was unbudged, she moved away, disappointed. What an unwanted episode…

© Derrick Lim


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