Compromising the Rules of Living

Crossing the road where a pedestrian traffic light pole stands across the other end is made visible for the most obvious reason: safety is key for all pedestrians crossing it.
Having said that, I was put to the test earlier on while crossing the road. As usual, I stood at the pedestrian crossing, awaiting the green man signal light to come on. The waiting led more people to wait alongside me; among them were two snazzily dressed ladies in their twenties. As the wait grew longer, some of them decided to quit the wait and dart across the road when no motor vehicles were in sight. Then there were five of us left standing still at the same spot. I was wondering why the green man signal light was still hiding behind the bulb and not coming forth, leaving the red signal man light facing us. When the wait became awfully long, two of them decided to follow suit. To my surprise, the two snazzily dressed ladies were still standing together with me waiting. Here’s the question: If you were them, would you have done the same or otherwise?

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