A Less Forgiving Gesture

While peregrinating through the concourse between two major shopping malls, I saw a little boy of about five tracing his hand through the air as he walked with the other held by his father. Oblivious of the people walking past, he accidentally brushed his hand across the lower part of an old lady’s dress. Looking back over my shoulder,  I couldn’t help but notice the well-dressed old lady looking peeved at what the boy did. She pursed her lips and tsked at the boy, a gesture that reflected her less forgiving self it seemed. What would have been your response if you were her?

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5 thoughts on “A Less Forgiving Gesture

  1. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now. Having a son that’s only five, I understand how he can be lost in his own world and wouldn’t mean to harm anyone. The woman should have realized that and not been offended, let alone scold him. Not only was it not her place to do so, but simply stopping to let the boy know, in a gentle fashion that he should be more aware of his surroundings would have sufficed. At least then, the father would have realized the importance of instilling that lesson further.

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