Lost…but found!


“Time to pick the boy!” I reminded everyone in a gleeful tone. In a bid to do likewise, I festinately changed into outing clothes, gelled into a pompadour, put on my glasses and then…What!? Where’s my bracelet? I thought aloud. In desperation I searched every nook and cranny, but to no avail! Where’s that darned bracelet? Exploding frustrations caught up with me in my thoughts that I almost lost it. It was the bracelet my sweetie had bought for my birthday gift. How could I have lost it? This should never have happened to a meticulously organised me. Never had any things been misplaced or slipped through my hands without my knowledge! What a disaster!
Time to leave…let it go…the thought that kept reverberating in my head. After fumbling into my bag for a final search — nothing found still — I headed to the door and left with the family.

While in the car driving, my thoughts about the missing bracelet never departed. It kept pounding in my head, searching for every possible place that I could have misplaced it. Yet, I could never recall where I had lost it. Then I arrived at a car park, pulled up at a parking space found and settled to wait for my boy. Again the thought — let it go! Considered it lost — a voice repeatedly dissuading me from pursuing it. Then came another  thought — what about the car? Without any delay, I set my hands to reach for every possible gap in the car to finger out the bracelet. “Help me, please, princess. Look around for my bracelet at your seat,” I said, in a desperate tone filled with the last straw of hope. In prompt response, my girl nodded her head. Just when I thought it could never be found–“Found it!” thundered my girl. “Yes! Good job, girl. Thank you so much.” I thanked her profusely with immense gratitude. The lost was finally found. What joy unspeakable! Never shall I lose it again–I promised myself.

This incident has also awakened in me that I should always cherish my loved ones, never take them for granted, lest I lose them forever.

Merry Christmas! Bloggers.

nom de plume

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