Life’s Simple Pleasure

What a morning! The glorious sun was hidden from sight, whereas the clouds of gloom were dominating the sky. Into the frigid kitchen room, a cold draft circumvolving my thinly clothed body, I felt its air biting into my skin–even my underclothes did nothing to circumvallate against its cold invasion. Amidst the throe of depressive moods, the hot aroma of coffee suddenly awakened my senses, even turned away my moods of moribundity. That aroused a tinge of jubilance within, causing me to see the bliss and felicity of savouring the coffee with two slices of bread. Sopping up the coffee with each bread slice doubled up was delightfully tasty and simple with no frills. What simple pleasure one could partake! Simplicity is profoundly blissful. God has indeed blessed us with simple things in life–that could bring joy and contentment to our hearts if thankfulness is our attitude.


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