The Wait!

If we live life long enough, we would have realised that life is all about waiting. But it is also about whether or not the wait is worth one’s while, or merely a personal conviction of one’s faith, or a fanatical view held by some lunatic fringe, or for judicious expediency. Let me explain my point by illustrating a plebeian scenario.
Imagine you are standing at the pedestrian crossing, waiting for the green man signal light to come on. Being a martinet, you have to keep the traffic rules by waiting patiently for the latter to take place before making a step forward to cross. Now, here’s the catch: If the traffic is clear but the signal light for you to cross hasn’t come on; would you cross the road? What if those waiting alongside you decide to cross the road despite the fact that the signal light hasn’t come on; would you follow suit? And what if a drizzle falls on you, would you still wait for the signal light to come on?
Your decision to cross the road in that situation cited determines if your conviction will waver by the circumstantial changes or by the herd mentality influence.
Would you still wait despite all the conditions favouring the crossing without the signal light coming on?

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