My Nasty Fall Anecdote

After locking the car doors with the key remote, I strode across the road towards the void deck of block 507. Almost instinctively, I straddled up the greenswarded patch beside the railed slopy walkway for the wheel-bound. Little did I know, the moist dewed grass would spell the impending disaster. While straddling across the ditch, I slipped, lost my footing, fell sprawling over with my palms propping against the edge of the ditch but with my left knee buckled and grazed. Feeling awkwardly ungainly and embarrassed, I swiftly picked myself up to avoid being spotted by the stocky man exercising with his back facing me. In a bid to get away from watching eyes, I scrambled off with a little limp. Only when I felt the tingling pain sear through my left knee did I realise it was grazed.  Thank God that the length of the denim shorts was long enough to cover my knee and attenuate the impact of the nasty abrasion. What a freak accident!

nom de plume


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